Thursday, August 11, 2016


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog.Today I am going to tell you about my diary. You probably think that my diary is something with all my secrets and that kind of stuff but it isn't. It is a Olympic diary that has all my questions, what my topic is and what I am presenting. I am only showing you the writing because you can't put a slide show on a blog.
This is my first slide. Well it is not really my first one because I am not putting the title slide on.
Your plan

My Topic: Sport-Tennis
What I plan to make: Poster about how to play tennis.
And this is the slide with my questions
My questions

When was tennis invented?
How long has tennis been an Olympic sport?
Is there anyone in N.Z that plays tennis in the Olympics?
How did they get the name tennis?
Who invented tennis?
Who were the first people to play tennis?
Why do the tennis rackets have so many little holes?
That is all for today. I hope you enjoyed my blog. I will do my next blog as soon as I can. 

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