Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Argument Writing

Hi Everybody. Today I will blogging about my argument writing. For this task we had to pick a topic, have three reasons and persuade the reader. The trickiest part was  trying to pick my reason because there were so many great things to pick from. My topic is:

Why You Should Adopt An Animal

You should DEFINITELY adopt an animal. If you do not like animals then read this and I think I might change your mind.

First of all, I think you should adopt an animal because at some pet store’s they are stuck in cages and some don’t even get taken out for walks or to play. Some cages are really small and they don't really have enough room to play or run around. It is really sad when the animals Brother, Sister, Mum or Dad gets adopted and they are all alone when nobody wants to adopt that last animal.

Secondly, some animals have had a really bad life and don't get fed enough, do not get much attention or if they get hurt the owner doesn't even care. Now they are living in cages with animals they don't even know. But if you adopt them you can feed them, pet them , and brush them. If I was an animal I would love that life WAY better.

Lastly, most people want to adopt a cat or dog but there are lots more animals out there that need rescuing. For example a hamster, a rabbit, a fish, a bird and lots more. Animals(that are not cats or dogs) are very fun to. Hamsters are fun because you can feed them watch them run on their wheel and brush them. Fish are fun because some fish can do tricks like flips. Birds are fun because you can train them to speak and say your name and lots more cool stuff.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading this and I really hope I made you get a pet or even think about getting one.

So that is all- I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

My Awesome Holiday

Hey guys welcome back to my blog and today I will be telling you about the awesome holidays that I had. So first I will tell you my favorite part. Me, Carman(My friend), Carman's little sister and my friends step Mum Went on this HUGE hike. We had to go up and down about 4 or 5 mountain's and then do a even bigger walk around the place. We were doing it at the Maori Pa's in Napier. There were a lot of signs that we had to stop and read. We took some photos of us at the top of the mountain and of some of the signs. It was really fun when we went in and on the Maori Pa's. When I went on the tallest Maori pa you could see a lot of Napier and it was really cool and scary at the same time. When we came across a really steep hill. Me and my friend wanted to run down the very steep hill. So we did and my friend stopped before she got anywhere near the edge. But me, I got so close that I nearly fell off the side. When we were at the top we could see lots of cool stuff like where the kiwi fruit grows, the ocean and this really big line of huge tree's. Doing all of that took 3 whole HOURS!!!!!. Well I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well. See you next time.


Hello guys and welcome back. Today I will be blogging about something I thought was heaps of fun and that is my bio-poem.

Clever, Friendly, Funny
Sister of nobody
Daughter of Jena, Robbie
Lover of Pugs, Pepperoni Pizza and Family
Who fears Heights, White Tails, Clowns
Who needs Animals, Family, Mac And Cheese
Who wishes for Pool, Being Able To fly, Being Invisible
Who would like to see Dream World
Who gives Time, Love to family, Help
Citizen of Akina, New Zealand

So that is my bio-poem hope you guys enjoyed my blog I'll see you next time : ) BYE