Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thankful Letter Writing Blog Post

Hey Guys๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜› 
Welcome back to another blog post.
Today I am blogging about my thankful letter writing.
This is a task where you have to pick some one to write a letter to.
In the letter you have to write why you are thankful to them.
I picked Amie because... Well you will see why in the letter 
Here It Is:
Dear Amie,

Thank You for all of those times that you helped me when I was sad or hurt. Like when Whetu threw the ball at my face when I was trying to shoot it in the hoop and you took me to the sick bay to get an ice pack.

And when we play games you always include me and make sure everybody takes part in the game. Thank you for being so nice to me. For example when I were playing in your pool you were being really nice by coming in the pool to play with me when you were in the spa and you dident want to come out.

Also I am thankful for helping me in tasks like when they said what the writing task was when I was away and then I did not know what it was so you helped me and told me what to do.

Thank You for being there for me when our other friends are being mean to me. Like when me and Mya had that big fight. Mya had all of our other friends and you were by there by me.

I am thankful for you being my friend. You are really funny, smart, weird, awesome, fun to play with and really nice to everybody. I love that you are my friend. You are the awesomest friend in the world.

Well that is my writing blog post! I hoped you enjoyed. Make sure to leave a comment. See you next time๐Ÿ˜€

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Special Place Writing

Hey guys! welcome back to another blog of 2017. Today I am going to be showing you my special place writing. So for this writing the group each had to pick a place in hawks bay that is special to them. I picked maraetotora falls. So enough talking I will show you my writing now, Here it is:

Maraetotara falls
I walk along the scratchy, itchy bark path as a reach the most fascinating sight I have ever seen in my whole lifetime. A flock of birds flying over the beautiful shimmering lake. I can see a long rope hanging off a lovely dark green tree. At the end of the lake I can see a humongous, mossy log. Right next to the giant sized log their is a lovely, clear beautiful water fall. The water feels like a bath of ice.

I slip on the slippery mud covered rocks. I swim around the lake as I come across a small rock that lots of people are jumping off. I can hear everybody swimming and splashing around in the water and jumping off the rope swing.

I can see people doing handstand competitions in the water. The reflection from the waterfall is shining beautifully on the freezing cold lake. People are climbing up the steep cliff , trying to get to the rope swing.

The water is shallow when you first go in but it just goes deeper and deeper. I swim to the gigantic log where people lay sunbathing. I try to climb on top of it and I succeed. I have the most beautiful view of the whole place. This is my most favorite place to visit. I wish I could come here everyday.

So guys that is my writing. Did you enjoy it? I definitely enjoyed writing it. Well that is all I have for today. Talk to you next time.