Thursday, June 9, 2016

Maths Blog Post

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog and today I will be blogging about my really fun maths task. I would tell you what I had to do but it is already says how I did it in the writing

FullSizeRender (10).jpgFullSizeRender.jpg

This is my maths task from Week 1 Term 2. For this task we had to measure 5 things that were between 1 and 5 meters. We had to have a buddy and I was buddied up with Bella. We also had to measure 5 different things then make each other estimate how big the things that we measured were.

So that is all for this blog post but I hope you enjoyed it. See you next time for another blog next week BYE!!!!!


  1. That looks awesome Kaydence. Was it hard?

  2. Wow Kaydence!That look's cool!PLEASE REPLY:was it fun and how long did it take to do it ALL???