Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Literacy Blog Post

Hey Guys!! Welcome back to another blog post. Today I am showing you my literacy writing. This was a retell. This was really hard because I had to pick a movie but there were so many great Movies to pick from. I picked the jungle book because I know it really really well. Here it is! It is still a work in progress.
The Jungle Book

Decades ago in a jungle far far away there was a baby floating in a river. The baby was crying like it was hurt. It had been sent away by it's mum who could not take care of it.
A black shiny puma named Bagheera heard the innocent baby crying. The animal ran to the river and rescued the poor baby. “Waaaaaa” cried the baby. Bagheera carried the crying baby to the wolf’s den to ask them if they could raise him. “We have never raised a human before. But we will try.” Said the wolves  

They named him Mowgli. He grew up with the wolves until he was about 5. One day he was walking in the woods and a bear came out from behind a tree. The bear's name was Baloo.
He asked his wolf parents if he could live with the bear since they have been playing together a lot. They meet Baloo and they said yes. Mowgli grew up with the bear and he did everything like a bear. He learnt how to catch fish like a bear, He could walk like a bear and even fight like a bear. He was raised by Baloo Until he was eleven years old.

One day Mowgli and Baloo were floating in the river when Mowgli heard a noise. Mowgli was on Baloo’s belly while Baloo was sleeping. Suddenly 5 huge goldish brownish monkey sprung out of the tree and snachted Mowgli. Balloo woke up in shock. “Balloo help me” Cried Mowgli scaredly. “I will save you” Said Balloo Trying to reach out to Mowgli, But he was too late. Balloo sprinted as fast as he could to get Bagheera. He got Bagheera then they found the monkeys and followed them. They found the monkeys base.

To Be Continued..
That is my writing hope you enjoyed

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  1. wow kaydence i love your describing you did really well on that