Tuesday, November 22, 2016

P.E Blog

Hey Guys! Welcome back to another blog. Today I am sharing with you my P.E! I am in the Atlantic group. We are the best group. These are all the groups: Atlantic, Arctic and Pacific We try our hardest and we like a challenge. Sadly I was away on athletics day so I can not share with you athletics day. P.E is one of my favorite subjects because it is really fun and it gives you a chance to learn some new sports and to get outside. I love P.E
Well that was my P.E blog. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you next time.
Here are some photos of me:



  1. great sorry you were away on the fun day. Great job well done

  2. Well done Kaydence great blog post
    well done with your P.E I love P.E too
    keep up the great work!!! ;)

  3. wow what an interesting blog post

  4. Wow Kaydence!I like how you decided to tell us all the group's for P.E.I also like how you described what your group is like.I love P.E to.That was really interesting. Keep up the amazing work!!! ;P ;D

  5. I I I just do not no what to say I love it so much and I love it so so so much.