Monday, September 12, 2016

Workshop Prove It

Hello every one and welcome back to another blog post. Today I will be blogging about my workshop prove it. This workshop was about editing. Here it is:
Workshop Prove It

I learnt how to edit

Here is an example:

(Bad version)
on the weekend amie came to my grandmas with me we got to name the lambs i named mine cloudy mc fluff butt and amie named hers cloud princess poof it was really fun

(Good version)
On the weekend Amie came to my grandmas with me. We got to name the lambs. I named mine Cloudy Mcfluff Butt and Amie named hers Cloud Princess Poof it was really fun!

Well that is my workshop prove it! I hope you enjoyed this blog. I will do my next blog A.S.A.P see ya next time


Monday, September 5, 2016

Colour Poem

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be sharing my colour poem with you. If you do not know what a colour poem is, it is a poem where you have to choose a colour and describe something that is the color that you pick. Here is mine:
Colour Poem

WALT to use descriptive language to help create an image (picture) in our reader's head
Success Criteria
  • Use adjectives to describe the noun
  • Use adverbs to describe the verb (describe how the action is happening)
  • Use a range of verbs to explain what is happening
  • Use a range of nouns that help us identify with a colour

1.Pink is the color of fluffy unicorns dancing excitedly on a rainbow
2.Pink is the color of a strawberry ice-cream melting quickly
3.Pink is the color of glitterry higheels stomping loudly on the concrete
4.Pink is the color of a stripy duvet covor slipping of the bed quickly
5.Pink is the color of 100 layers of lipstick sticking hevily to my lips
6.Pink is the color of a tall flower falling over slowly

1. Yellow is the color of pikachu fighting ratata viciously
2. Yellow is the color of the sun shining brightly down on the mountains
3.Yellow is the color of a freshly grown banana falling slowly of the tree
4.Yellow is the color of a slimy fish swimming slowly in the fish tank
5.Yellow is the color of wet paint getting splattered loudly onto the wall
6.Yellow is the color of an tounge sticking out emoji sticker sticking tightly onto my hand
7.Yellow is the color of a minions setting up gru's daughters party thoughtfully

1.Blue is the color of the oceon creating humungoues waves beutifully
2.Blue is the color of my laptop making clicking noises as I type carefully
3.Blue is the color of a dyed cat eating it's fish food messily
4.Blue is the color of my shining brightly as I look at the sun
5.Blue is the color of dory swimming in the ocean trying to remember her family carefully
6.Blue is the color of the bright sky creating clouds slowly

1.Black is the color of a fluffy black cat rustling around in the blankets carelessly
2.Black is the color of a bat flying around and squeaking loudly in a cave
3.Black is the color of batman flying quickly to come save the day
4.Black is the color of a moustach sticking to a fancy mans face heavily
5.Black is the color of a witch brewing a potion in her brewing room evilly
6.Black is the color of a panda eating bamboo neatly

1.Red is the color of blood slowly trickling down the cut on my finger
2.Red is the color of a rose dying quickly in the rose garden
3.Red is the color of a apple hanging of a tree carefully
4.Red is the color of converses scraping on the concrete loudly
5.Red is the color of Red (the angry bird) getting flung carelessly at the pigs
6.Red is the color of a Ferrari racing down the street fastly
7.Red is the color of crocks stepping in cow poo on the farm disgustingly

Well that is my awesome color poem. Hope you enjoyed this blog. Make sure to tune into my other blogs.