Monday, August 1, 2016

Awesome Skiing Holiday

Hello everybody. I hope you had an awesome school holidays. I know I did. Today I am going to blog about my epicly awesome holiday in the snow. On Thursday I woke up at 6:00, got ready and got in the car. Then we got in the car and we drove all the way to Toupo which took about 2 hours. When we got there we got there, we got all of my stuff out of the car and loaded it into my dad's car. My dad lives in National Park so we had to drive about and hour and a half to get to my dads. When we got to National Park, my dad took me shopping. I got some new togs and a thermal singlet. Finally after about 3 and a half hours of traveling we finally got to my dads house. My aunty Marie owns a restaurant in front of my dads house so we were hanging out there a lot of the time. On Monday me and my Dad went skiing. My Dad did not  ski because it was my first time so he just showed me what to do. Then on Tuesday we went skiing a second time and my Dad actually went skiing. That was really fun the second time because I actually knew what to do. Then on Thursday we went to the climbing wall at the backpackers. My Dad did not climb because he had to hold the rope for me. I got this really uncomfortable harness that I had to wear. The climbing wall was 8 METERS HIGH!!!!! I know, crazy right. Might not sound high but it is really high. At the top of each one there was a bell that you had to ring. I got super high then I looked down and I immediately said "Dad I want to get down now". To get down you have to stick your butt out, put your feet against the wall and push of the wall while the other person lowers you down. The reason why you have to push off is so you don't bang your head on the grips. One of the walls you had to go across not up across. 
I said to my Dad "How would anybody climb that?"
 "The very good climbers only have to hold on with their fingers"Dad said . 
Then the second week on Thursday I went home. On the way home me and my cousin Court got frozen yogurt.  There were some really yummy toppings. I got regular strawberry and so did Court. The toppings I got on mine were maltesers, chocolate flakes, chocolate buttons and passionfruit sauce. Then on Saturday I went to Amie's house and we played minecraft. After we played minecraft we put the hose and the soap on the tramp and slipped around and played on that for about two hours. Then we went in the spa and then my mum came to pick me up. So that is all for this blog. I hope you enjoyed this blog. I will see you next time!

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