Monday, November 16, 2015


This is my recount.I am blogging this because I really loved doing it and I could do it again so many time.I enjoyed it that much.We were learning to re write a story and we could add some different things to the original story

Hansel And Gretel

Once upon a time there was a very very rich family who lived in the woods.This family was so rich that it became a problem.There was a daughter named Gretel,a son named Hansel,a dad named david and the meanest most horrible stepmother named laura.The stepmother was so horrible that she wanted to lead Hansel and Gretel into the woods and leave them there to freeze so that David and Laura could have all the money to themselves.David refused to do that to his own children but the stepmother did it any way.The father came with her to light Hansel and Gretel a fire and say goodbye.A couple months later Hansel and Gretel learned to look after themselves.One day when hansel was out hunting for food he saw a portal type thing in the middle of a tree,He immedietly went back to tell his sister.The next day Hansel took Gretel out to the tree with the portal thingie on it.Out of nowhere poped a door handle and a door.It came over to the potal infront of the potal and poped themselves self onto the potal.Gretel carefully opend the door to see a bright yellow light with little dots of blue.She stepped in side asking her brother what would the other univures look like.She popped her head inside the portal and all she saw was candy.She rushed out of the portal to tell her brother.she told her brother and they both rushed into the potal they both named the land candy-land They lived there forever and ever and ever.Then when they were 23 they bothed died from eating too much candy and 2 years later they turned into part of candy-land

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hi my name is Kaydence and this is my matisse maths task. For this task I had to turn a recipe for 6 people into a recipe for 2 people. I am blogging this because it was probably the most fun maths task I have done all year and I really want to do it again sometime.