Monday, June 19, 2017

Maori Hand Games

Hi Guys, welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be telling you about Maori hand games🖐🎮. I went to learn about Maori hand games on Tuesday in room 6. Some new things I learnt were some string games. I learnt how to do the waka pattern. I learnt that off by heart. I also learnt how to do the jellyfish but I don't know that off by heart. Something I enjoyed was playing He tama tu tama and E hipi toi toi because I love playing games and it was really fun. I also liked koruru but it wasn't my favorite because the knucklebones kept hitting my knuckles and it hurt. Something I found challenging was learning how to do the jellyfish with the whai because I kept using the wrong fingers and then I was getting really annoyed because I couldn't do it. Here are some photos of me doing some string games📷:


  1. Cool hand games kaydence, like the waka.

  2. Awesome blog kaydence it looks like you had lots of fun doing the hand games and the waka looks amazing