Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Special Place Writing

Hey guys! welcome back to another blog of 2017. Today I am going to be showing you my special place writing. So for this writing the group each had to pick a place in hawks bay that is special to them. I picked maraetotora falls. So enough talking I will show you my writing now, Here it is:

Maraetotara falls
I walk along the scratchy, itchy bark path as a reach the most fascinating sight I have ever seen in my whole lifetime. A flock of birds flying over the beautiful shimmering lake. I can see a long rope hanging off a lovely dark green tree. At the end of the lake I can see a humongous, mossy log. Right next to the giant sized log their is a lovely, clear beautiful water fall. The water feels like a bath of ice.

I slip on the slippery mud covered rocks. I swim around the lake as I come across a small rock that lots of people are jumping off. I can hear everybody swimming and splashing around in the water and jumping off the rope swing.

I can see people doing handstand competitions in the water. The reflection from the waterfall is shining beautifully on the freezing cold lake. People are climbing up the steep cliff , trying to get to the rope swing.

The water is shallow when you first go in but it just goes deeper and deeper. I swim to the gigantic log where people lay sunbathing. I try to climb on top of it and I succeed. I have the most beautiful view of the whole place. This is my most favorite place to visit. I wish I could come here everyday.

So guys that is my writing. Did you enjoy it? I definitely enjoyed writing it. Well that is all I have for today. Talk to you next time.


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