Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Panama's Plastic Bottle Village

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to show you my reading task. This reading task is called Panama's Plastic Bottle Village as you can probably tell from the title. It is about a man that uses millions of plastic bottles to make a village. Here it is

Panama's Plastic Bottle Village
WALT ask effective questions
Here is the article on Dogo News.

  1. Read the article together. Try and ask questions as you read to help you understand.
  2. Watch the video after you have read it. Discuss any questions you have.
  3. Play the vocabulary game. Take a screenshot when you have completed the word find. Insert it here.Panama s Plastic Bottle Village Will Be Constructed From Recycled PET Bottles Kids News Article.png
  4. Choose three words from the vocabulary game. Find their meanings and write them below.
  5. Ask five effective questions (using what / why / how / where / when / who?) which help you and others to understand the article.

What were they using? Plastic PET bottles
Why did they build the village? To recycle bottles
Where did they build the village? In the Isla Colón
When did he come up with to build the village? 2015
Who built the village?Robert Bezeau

Cover/Keep Warm

This was my reading task I hope you enjoyed my blog and I will see you next time BYE!!!!!

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