Thursday, June 9, 2016

Awesome Monkeys Reading Task

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog! Today I am going to tell you about my reading task. This was really fun because we got to read THREE WHOLE BOOKS!!!! The three books were called 1 Madam Spry and the secret plans, 2 The blue diamond and 3 Mr. Mustard. My favorite book was The blue diamond. Here is my reading task.

Madam Spry
WALT summarize
NAME:Madam Violet Spry
FRIENDS:Hugo, Walter J Honeymaker
ENEMIES:Walter J Honeymaker, Miss Raintree, Bus driver
PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: She wears red leather armor, has slightly brown skin, looks suspicious and looks like iron man because of her suit.
ACTIONS:Flying, walks downs buildings.
PERSONALITY:Loves To sing but is really bad.
BIG ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Getting steak for Hugo, Finding the blue diamond, Capturing Mr. Mustard and getting the secret plans.

Quote:I promise to get you some steak Hugo.

I hope you enjoyed my blog about my really fun reading task. I will do my next blog post as soon as possible. See you next time BYE!!!!!

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  1. wow what a great reading task
    and it looks really fu toooooo
    Keep the great work up Well done
    Kai pai Kaydence