Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Awesome Holiday

Hey guys welcome back to my blog and today I will be telling you about the awesome holidays that I had. So first I will tell you my favorite part. Me, Carman(My friend), Carman's little sister and my friends step Mum Went on this HUGE hike. We had to go up and down about 4 or 5 mountain's and then do a even bigger walk around the place. We were doing it at the Maori Pa's in Napier. There were a lot of signs that we had to stop and read. We took some photos of us at the top of the mountain and of some of the signs. It was really fun when we went in and on the Maori Pa's. When I went on the tallest Maori pa you could see a lot of Napier and it was really cool and scary at the same time. When we came across a really steep hill. Me and my friend wanted to run down the very steep hill. So we did and my friend stopped before she got anywhere near the edge. But me, I got so close that I nearly fell off the side. When we were at the top we could see lots of cool stuff like where the kiwi fruit grows, the ocean and this really big line of huge tree's. Doing all of that took 3 whole HOURS!!!!!. Well I hope you enjoyed your holiday as well. See you next time.

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