Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 5 - Blood Story

               BLOOD STORY

“Mum where is my bike.“In the shed honey”. “Ok mum thanks”.I get my bike out of the shed and rush to get my panda helmet. I get on my bike and put my helmet on.”Weeeeeeee” I say as I zoom on my bike on the hard concrete driveway.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”I fall of my bike with a terrified look on my face. I look down,all I see is blood.I realise that I skidded on the concrete and grased my whole shins.My mum  rushed throgh the door to see what is going on.She carries me through the door and dumps me on the couch.Mum gets me two ice packs to put on my bloody bruised thighs.She sees if I am ok.

I am still crying my eyes out. After awhile I stop crying, my  shins still hurt heaps but not very much. The next day my legs were so scabby and bruised. I still have one scar on one of my shins.

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