Thursday, April 30, 2015

Camp omatua

                                                     Camp omatua
                                                               Hi this is me (Kaydence)at
                                          camp on the contraption.All the groups
                                          had to make one. The contraption had
                                          to carry me across the river without                                                   getting.
                                           It did but i touched the
                                           water and we were not aloud to.
                                          A contraption is something 
                                          that you use if someone
                                         gets injured.
                            This is my activity group Eva,Aston,
                             Zane,Oscar and me.My                                                                        groups adult is Martin And Kirsten.
                             This is my group when we were
                              making Martin his super hero
                               costume.Our costume had a
                                awesome cape and a top and 
                               cool pants.His name was Mega man.
                               He was super strong and smart.Then we did the 
                               Super hero parade. Our super hero
                               did not win. Mustachio's group won.
                               Mustachio's group all got metals.After that 
                               we played spotlight.The first game was my first
                               game ever 

                      THE END


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